May 31st

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Candice Tells All

Kitchen Comforts (Cynthia & Jon’s Kitchen)

Frustrated with their endless renovations, Cynthia and Jon have just one room left to do: a massive kitchen that is stuck firmly in the last century. Candice guts and redesigns this kitchen, but additional last minute requests from the homeowners tests the patience of her crew and poses the question: who knows Candice best?
Candice Tells All
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Candice Tells All

Down to Work (Roslyn & David’s Basement/Home Office)

Candice tackles a basement home office for Roslyn and her husband David whose attempt at a DIY reno has been, well, less than stellar. Candice plans to remake the space into a sleek office area for David and a comfortable, relaxing TV lounge area for the couple and their friends. But will Roslyn’s mouth-watering home cooking distract the team and derail the project?
Candice Tells All

Candice Tells All

Fresh Start Family Room (Rebecca’s Basement Family Room)

Candice throws her heart and soul into a basement family room makeover for recently widowed Rebecca and her three children. With the kids now approaching their teens, Rebecca wants a space where the family can retreat to but also where her kids will want to hang out with their friends. Candice designs a fluid and comfortable space and Roger adds a unique touch when he enlists Andrew’s help and does something special for the family.
Candice Tells All

Candice Tells All

Episode 607 Open Kitchen (Zita & Aras Kitchen)

Candice gets ambitious when she hears of Zita and Aras’ desire to update their kitchen. She decides to remove two walls to take full advantage of a large window that looks out onto their backyard and the ravine beyond. But once the walls come down, Candice realizes that the dining room won’t measure up to the look of the newly designed kitchen. And Candice goes on the charm offensive when construction disrupts the neighbourhood.
Candice Tells All

Tiny House Nation

700 SqFt Tiny Recording Studio

Award-winning Producer/Rapper Lil Jon has asked John and Zack to come build him a tiny recording studio right in his backyard! He's looking for something completely functional he can record his next big hit in, but his wife Nicole is hoping this tiny house can replicate the style of their big house and also serve as a guest space for their family and friends. John and Zack will have to figure out how to balance the mix in the space without scratching the record.

Tiny House Nation

230 SqFt Travel Well House

Allen and Alexa are newlyweds looking to expand their online travel wellness magazine by going tiny. They're looking for a space that combines their love for fitness and travel while still having all the creature comforts of home and then some. They want to hit the road full-time so they can explore the country sharing experiences through their work and have asked John and Zack to help fit it all in one tiny space.

Tiny House Nation

380 Sq Ft Derby House

Scott and Marianne both grew up in horse racing towns and have a deep appreciation for the culture that comes with the sport. They've ask John and Zack to help create a house that will embody the rustic charm they love and include some high-end gadgets to make tiny living feel that much more grand. It's off to the races for John and Zack to keep this build on track!

Tiny House Nation

310 SqFt Pennys Tiny Playhouse

Tim and Amber are looking to build a tiny house completely designed to allow their daughter Penny's imagination to run wild. They want a space that is both functional and safe for their bright toddler, but also gives her room to have friends over and be entertained for hours. John and Zack are stumped when they're asked to incorporate a sentimental element from their current house.

Tiny House Nation

200 Sq Ft Family-Friendly House

Adam and Gabrielle want a tiny house that they can raise their growing family in. They're hoping for a space that's not kid-proofed, but instead kid-purposed. With Gabrielle reaching the end of her pregnancy of their second child, the challenge for John and Zack will be coming up with a space that works for everybody before the newest member of the family arrives!

Tiny House Nation

240 Sq Ft Tiny Ski Lodge

Chris and Tamara absolutely love skiing and snowboarding and are hoping for a modern ski lodge that will let them hit the mountains right from their front door. They've asked John and Zack to help build them a functional space to not only store all their gear, but also maintain it. Thankfully they've got the best guy on the job, but will John be able to manage Zack's big plans for this tiny build.


Mistaken Identity

A man hires a killer to bump off his wife, but instead, he kills another woman with the exact same name.


Shape Shifter

A young German grifter moves to America, adopts various identities and kills many people along the way.

Cruise Ship Killers


A millionaire widower and her teenaged daughter take a five‐star cruise together. But at one of the many stops along the way, a grizzly discovery is made when crew membersfind the widower's body crammed into her own suitcase.

Ghost Dimension

Demons on The Buses

Hidden in St Helens, is a museum that is home to demonic and dark entities trapped inside of vehicles. Ghost Dimension attempt to uncover its dark and untold secrets and come face to face with one of the most violent spirits they have ever encountered.
Ghost Dimension