December 1st

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Cash and Cari

Planes, Drains and Great Deals

A backed up sewer threatens Cari’s high-end sale. She starts making deals and comes out on top.
Cash and Cari
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Cash and Cari

Blue Bin Bonanza

The crowds come ready to haggle. Cari’s helper fails to show and she struggles to keep up.
Cash and Cari

My Floating Home

Floating Piano Boat

Classical pianists Masa Tayama and Rhiana Henderson dream of combining their two passions, music and canal cruising. So, they’re risking Masa’s life savings to commission a one-of-a-kind aquatic home that serves as both a floating concert hall and hotel.

Decked Out


Judy and Mick have lived in their home for over 40 years. They have a beautiful backyard and a deck that has seen better days. Now that they have five grandchildren who spend the summers at their home, they want to re-vamp their space into something that the whole family can enjoy. Paul decides to start from scratch and replace their old deck with a three-level space that has a bbq area, a sit-down bar, a dining space, a huge lounge with a sectional sofa, a fire table and a gorgeous cedar pergola overhead. After 40 years Judy and Mick will have the family space they’ve always dreamed of.
Decked Out

Decked Out


Anne and Dave love their home, but they’re ready for a new deck. The deck has some sentimental value because Dave built it 20 years ago with Anne’s father. Paul decides to try and keep some of Dave’s original structure but gives the deck a facelift – plus a few extra touches. In this episode we see a deck completely transformed into an entertainer’s dream. There’s a bbq area with built-in counters, a lounge zone that looks out over the pool and a spectacular circular enclosed dining area with stone clad walls and a cedar roof. Dave and Anne get to keep a piece of the past while having a completely new space for their family’s future.
Decked Out

The Unsellables

Gothic Cathedral

A labour of love, Mark transformed his four-bedroom Lynbrook, Long Island home into a gothic church-inspired castle for two. He and girlfriend Lisa now want to move on to a more spacious home but after nearly two years on the market and no offers, they’re beginning to wonder if the quirky interiors are standing in the way of a sale. Property expert Sofie Allsopp confirms that their oversize furniture and over-the-top dark décor are a major turnoff for potential buyers. Sofie unveils a knockout design plan to neutralize the home with a cohesive colour scheme and a few family-friendly touches.

The Unsellables

Mediterranean Mess

With two young children, Jaclyn and Michael have outgrown their two-bedroom home in Oceanside, New York, and desperately want more space. But after fourteen months on the market and no offers, their plans to find a larger home have stalled. Their beautiful ranch-style property overlooks the water and although they’ve reduced the price twice already, potential buyers just can’t get past the bold and mismatched paint colours, textured walls, and garish décor. In order to appeal to families and young professionals, property expert Sofie Allsopp comes up with a plan for an amazing budget-friendly transformation that includes a cohesive colour scheme and a custom breakfast nook.

Clean House

Meadows Family, The

Niecy Nash and her team of experts come to the aid of an eccentric couple whose hobbies have taken over their house. We give them dining and entertainment area, turn their disastrous garage into a space where they can do the things they enjoy, plus give them an outdoor surprise.
Clean House

Clean House Comes Clean

Messiest Home 2, The

"An exhilarating journey into darkness and despair best compared to Joseph Conrad's ""Heart ofDarkness,"" the Messiest Home in America 2 took our intrepid heroes to Temple, Pennsylvania, wherethey encountered here-to-fore amounts of clutter seen only in New Jersey landfills. They alsoexperienced such an array of strange odors, that the nose hairs of cast members were actually singed,with one reportedly needing a nostril-ectomy upon returning to California. As with all episodes, theclutter was terminated with extreme prejudice. But the last words uttered by Trish Suhr as the expertsleft the east coast behind and headed back to Los Angeles was rumored to be, ""The horror, the horror."""

Clean House Comes Clean

Top 10 Hardest Give-Ups

"You won't believe the lengths homeowners, and even our own cast, will go to hold on to their preciousitems. From unused pianos to seldom driven motor cycles, from old magazines to hundreds of ziplockedt-shirts, every item represents the past and are not leaving without a fight. And if you think youknow what the hardest give-up of all will be, think again. The cast attempts to make a man part with his""baby""!"

Flipping Out

Todo Limpio

Jeff and Gage head to the doctor's office with their surrogate, Alexandra, for the implantation of their embryos. Meanwhile, Jenni is struggling to balance being a working mother, as she is tasked with keeping one of Jeff's newest clients happy while trying to make her first parent-teacher conference. With Jeff and Jenni away, Zoila takes over as House Manager.
Flipping Out

Tabatha Takes Over

Bqute: Palmdale, Ca

Blunt and straightforward, Tabatha travels across the country, takes over various failing establishments, and whips them into shape from the ground up. For one week, Tabatha sequesters the keys, becomes the boss, and brings her unapologetic, brutally honest opinion and experience to businesses.
Tabatha Takes Over

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

Top Of The (Trash) Heap: Al D

Al D. is a 41-year-old deputy chief of sanitation who's been living the same bachelor lifestyle in the same Chelsea bachelor pad for the last three decades. After meeting Sandra, the girl of his dreams, this recently reformed smooth operator finds himself ready to trade in his little black book for a new look and a shot at long-term love. Can a man who is in charge of keeping an entire city spotless figure out how to clean up his own act? With our help he can. The Fab Five's mission: trash Al's bachelor ways and turn this Mr. Clean into Sandra's Mr. Right.

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

Refining New York'S Finest: Michael Z

Michael is a good cop with some bad habits that have led to tragically greasy hair, bitten-to-the-quick nails and the ability to do little more in the kitchen then boil water. Michael gets a lot of love from his girlfriend, mother and siblings, but this member of New York’s finest could use a little refinement. To give back to his personal squad, this cop wants to lock up his old habits and let the Queer Eye guys fix his plain clothes and drab décor. The Fab Five’s mission: Turn this rookie cop into a veteran guy.