For Better or For Worse


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Dec 2nd

Joel & Tiffany

Hit the lights! Part the curtains! Make way for the “Bohemian Love Story” when planner Jackson Lowell transforms a television sound stage into a real life theatrical wedding complete with a painted backdrop of moon and stars. This eclectic team of artisans go for a dramatic red and black color scheme, paper bagged snacks for the reception and an ornate beaded wedding gown.
Dec 3rd

James & Christine

"Christine Bowers and James Dean have finally found each other – but will they find their way down the aisle? When the panicked bride threatens to break the “For Better Or For Worse” contract, this could be the first “For Worse” our show has ever seen."
Dec 6th

Scott & Trena

Scott and Trena are 40 swing dance fanatics but will their big day get tripped up when the homemade wedding cake falls flat…the minister calls in sick…and the bride’s custom made gown threatens not to fit.
Dec 7th

Andrew & Janae

Wedding planner Angie Bloom-Hewett pulls out one of her most inventive ideas yet when she melds the groom’s love of “The Lord o f the Rings” with the bride’s passion for pink. But just like the days when knights roamed the earth, this wedding is filled with its’ own share of damsels in distress, men in kilts and a real, live swordfight!
Dec 8th

Victor & Marisol

Is it possible to plan a wedding for 300 guests with $5000 in one week? Victor & Marisol have every confidence that their team can pull it off. But when wedding planner Sally Steele suggests a “True Blue Wedding” where EVERYTHING is blue, the team knows they’re in for a lot of work but they have no idea exactly how much.
Dec 9th

Dustin & Denise

Dustin Riley and Denise Hibben are like a couple of kids in a candy store when it comes to tying the knot. They’ve been together only three months and engaged just three weeks. The impulsive groom proposed with a candy Ring Pop!
Dec 10th

Hernan & Laura

Laura Sens and Hernan Desimone have committed their lives to each other but not to planning their own wedding. After four tries, they hand over the reigns to their friends and family. They ask for only three wishes; a memorable ceremony, a great reception party and a bridal gown that reveals the bride’s figure.
Dec 13th

Gilbert & Lindsay

Lyndsay & Gilbert first met on the job as paramedics. Now their partnership is headed for the altar. Even though they’ve surrendered every decision for their wedding, this couple has some definite ideas about what they want – specifically, a luau themed wedding, outdoors with the color purple everywhere.
Dec 14th

Lorenzo & Amy

Amy & Lorenzo love a good party but when their team decides to throw them the granddaddy of all blowouts for their big day, will this bride and groom make a run for the door?
Dec 15th

Heather & Ryan

If you can’t get married in Paris, bring Paris to you. That’s what the master of L’amoure, Alan Dunn, and his team do when they create their own “Gay Paris” on a rooftop terrace complete with an Eiffel Tower, an Arc de Triumph and Parisian street musicians.