For Better or For Worse


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Oct 18th

Alex & Danielle

The bride’s heritage is Italian, and the groom’s, Greek. Not only are they in touch with their ethnic backgrounds, they’ve traveled to their ancestral homelands. Sounds like a European wedding would fill the bill. But, unfortunately, the $5000 budget will hardly cover the bill.
Oct 19th

Dan & Beth

Dan and Beth met while playing pool, had their first date at a pool hall and their first kiss during a pool tournament. Hmmm…do you think maybe they like pool?
Oct 20th

Colin & Stephanie

It’s a fantasy no one has fantasized before on “For Better or for Worse,” where ordinarily the challenge is to create a wedding in seven days with just $5000. But what happens when the budget gets blasted into the stratosphere? Just how do you spend $100,000 in one week on one wedding? What do you do when everything is possible?
Oct 21st

Tony & Naomi

Wedding planner Angie Bloom Hewett is ecstatic to discover that, for the first time ever, “For Better or Worse” will have an all-girl team, with Angie as queen bee. So she turns the first meeting into a girlie pajama party, where she proposes a wedding with a woman’s touch.
Oct 22nd

Mitch & Christine

Christine is a Buddhist…Mitch is a Catholic boy. How the heck do you plan a wedding with a combination like that? Leave it to wedding planner Matt O’Dorisio to find a middle ground.
Oct 25th

Manuel & Rachel

Manuel and Rachel are about to walk down the aisle – the pink aisle that is. Rachel’s favorite color is pink, but what will Manuel think of an all pink affair. Wedding Planner, Alan Dunn, has the team thinking pink and wearing pink all week. However, the team has second thoughts.
Oct 26th

Michael & Claudia

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue is a traditional theme you would expect for a wedding in the 50’s, so when this young team of all friends steps up to plate to plan the wedding of Michael and Claudia will our planner Matt Odorisio drive them to the edge when he makes this theme a part of every inch of the wedding decor.
Oct 27th

Corey & Chael

Corey Leiker and Chael Tatagiba is an outdoor, fun-loving couple with a sense of adventure; but are they ready for a wedding that mixes pirates, sharks and giant fabric tapestries? You’ve never seen a wedding like this. It’s a nautical theme that’s blown way off course!
Oct 28th

Jeff & Teresa

Jeff and Teresa might be shaking from more than just nerves when they see what their team’s dreamed up for their big day. It’s a “Winter Wonderland” themed wedding with vases carved out of blocks of ice, Christmas trees flocked in white and three tons of real snow.
Oct 29th

Brian & Diane

Get ready as high drama takes center stage! We’ve got a “Red Carpet Affair” with a theater for the vows, high fashion for the bride and a tux that might miss its’ cue. And that’s just the beginning. There’s teammate Turbeau whose constant comic relief pushes our wedding planner to the breaking point.