For Better or For Worse


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Sep 27th

Lorenzo & Amy

Amy & Lorenzo love a good party but when their team decides to throw them the granddaddy of all blowouts for their big day, will this bride and groom make a run for the door?
Sep 28th

Heather & Ryan

If you can’t get married in Paris, bring Paris to you. That’s what the master of L’amoure, Alan Dunn, and his team do when they create their own “Gay Paris” on a rooftop terrace complete with an Eiffel Tower, an Arc de Triumph and Parisian street musicians.
Sep 29th

Paul & Lisa

2 Brothers, 2 Brides and 2 weddings! It’s a special episode of For Better Or For Worse when one couple gets married while the other does all the work. Next week, the tables will be turned when the newlyweds come back to help plan the other brother’s wedding.
Sep 30th

Erik & Natasha

Two brothers, two brides, and two weddings back to back! Brothers Eric and Paul Stratton are getting married and are planning each other’s weddings. This week, it’s little brother Eric tying the knot with his high school sweetheart, Natasha Teston.
Oct 1st

Donya & Steve

Everyone agrees Donya Rerngkasetkit and Steve Iman are a young hip couple. Steve’s boys think only a truly funkadelic wedding complete with crushed red velvet, fur capes and a swingin’ dance will do. Donya’s girls think tropical colors with an Asian flare best represent their Thai bride.
Oct 4th

Paul & Amanda

What do you get when you take a bold red and brass color scheme, add a whimsical touch of Dalmatian print and a bagpipe player? How about a “Firefighter-Themed” wedding! That’s what planner Sally Steele creates when she’s put in charge of blending tradition and family for love-struck firefighter Paul Kim and his fiancée Amanda Prescott.
Oct 5th

Jerome & Melissa

Since she was a little girl, Melissa Kimball has dreamed of her wedding day—getting married in a traditional white gown during an intimate ceremony with hundreds of candles on the beach. After waiting six long years for her boyfriend, Jerome, to pop the question, she had all but given up hope. That is until he proposes during a romantic gondola ride. Shaking and crying, Melissa says yes.
Oct 6th

Colby & Lori

Lori and Colby have been dreaming of saying their vows in Hawaii. So how are they going to react when, instead, the setting ends up in 1950’s Havana, Cuba, complete with casino gambling, Mojito cocktails and cigar centerpieces?
Oct 7th

JJ & Karen

Free-spirited surfer JJ Rhoads and his funky fiancée Karen Dobbs love everything from A-line dresses to Zen-themed parties. So what sounds better than a “Renaissance Hippie” themed wedding that includes everything from dried flowers and fruity centerpieces to an all-organic menu.
Oct 8th

Tom & Nicola

In past episodes, when planner Angie Bloom Hewett and waterfront weddings have collided, the results were always unpredictable (think a white bathing suit bridal gown). And this episode is no exception when Angie plans a nautical themed wedding with a detailed replica of a celebrity designer gown. In this latest episode of For Better Or For Worse, the seas are just as choppy but this time it’s not Angie making all the waves.