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May 27th

GORGEOUS GIRLY BEDROOMS (Maria & Karl’s 2 Girl’s Bedrooms)

Maria and Karl’s 9 and 10-year-old daughters have always shared a bedroom but as they approach their teen years, it’s time to give each of them their own space. Its double trouble for Candice! She has to make both rooms attractive and welcoming for these competitive sisters even though one room is smaller and has little natural light. After much searching for the perfect design, Candice comes up with a novel and beautiful solution to keep both daughters happy.
May 27th

LIVING IN THE LIVING ROOM (Marianne & Michael’s Living Room)

Marianne and Mike have a beautiful 90-year-old house but can’t figure out how to make their living room meet their 21st century needs without moving their furniture every time they want to watch TV or sit in front of the fire. Candice takes the best of this century home’s features, which include a wonderful fireplace and unique crown moulding, and marries them to new tech and functional furniture. The result is a unique and elegant combination that will work for many years to come.
May 28th

KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY (Dana & Simon’s Basement Den)

New parents Dana and Simon bought a house with real sentimental value – it was previously owned by her Grandmother! But nostalgia ain’t what it used to be and Candice is faced with a basement den that is so true to Grandma’s taste and style, that it looks like a 70’s museum. Candice demonstrates extreme sensitivity and her deep intuitive skills in bringing this room into the present, while keeping enough of the past alive to keep her clients happy.
May 28th

ROYAL RETRO KITCHEN (Anita & Derrick’s Kitchen)

Candice must answer to two masters when a husband wants an over-the-top classic French-style kitchen, while his wife envisions a sleek and contemporary room. Faced with a massive kitchen space, Candice must stretch the budget to accommodate a huge number of cabinets, and a ton of counter space – both of which can eat up a budget in no time.
May 28th

INDUSTRIOUS KITCHENS (Miranda & Herman’s Kitchen Facelift)

Miranda is closing down her popular neighbourhood roti shop and moving production into her home kitchen. Her husband Herman wants his wife to have only the best, especially since she is plagued by constant back pain from standing on her feet all day. But money is tight when Candice updates their outdated “country style” kitchen. She brings in more storage, better surfaces and state of the art appliances to accommodate both home cooking and a home based business. The finished kitchen is a wonder if ingenuity and colour, a place where Miranda and Herman’s West Indian friends can kick back and relax, and where Miranda can grow her home based business.
May 28th

ADVENTURES IN DINING (Nadia & Paul’s Dining Room)

Unlike most homeowners, whose dining room remains used and unloved, Nadia and Paul eat every meal in this room despite the fact they find the chairs uncomfortable and the room cold and unwelcoming. Candice transforms this Spartan and utilitarian space by building on the room’s great features, which include a fireplace and bay window. She creates a majestic plush room that is perfect for family and friends alike.
May 28th

CPR FOR THE BASEMENT (Nick’s Basement)

Candice’s restorative skills are put to the test as she brings emergency room Doctor Nick’s flooded basement back to life. Candice and her team breathe new life into Nick’s cellar creating an open concept, multi-functional finished space that’s perfect for both entertaining and hosting out of town friends and family. But the project gets tricky when Candice and crew have to work around the good Doctor’s incredibly erratic schedule.
May 28th

FROM BEIGE TO BOLD (Lisa & Alon’s Living / Dining Room)

Lisa and Alon’s desire to decorate their large living room/dining room hits a dead end when they can’t decide on anything other than beige furniture and beige walls. Candice promises to inject excitement and style into their home but her plan almost goes south when constant phone calls, texts and emails distract her from focusing on the task at hand. But is her decision to go cold turkey on her cell phone addiction part of the solution or part of the problem – especially when she needs to find a contractor for a last minute job?
May 28th

BLOCKBUSTER BASEMENT (Tania and Vinicius’ Basement)

With its fluorescent lighting and dropped ceiling, Tania and Vinicius’ large basement feels more like a commercial space than a residential one. Candice and her team go to work turning this cold, featureless room into a cozy, nature-inspired retreat that will allow this couple and their two young children to play, relax, work, and even sleep. But Roger’s desire to shoot a behind-the-scenes video for his folks threatens to derail the project when his directorial debut interferes with construction.
May 28th

GROWN UP MASTER BEDROOM (Genny and Steve’s Bedroom )

Genny and Steve’s master bedroom has remained untouched for twelve years, and they’re wedded to their out-dated waterbed, which completely dominates the space. Candice’s must bring this 1970’s throwback into the 21st century - but as work begins, things become challenging when record-breaking temperatures take their toll on the team, and they’re stuck with air conditioning that only works intermittently.