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Apr 16th


While creating the perfect basement bedroom for a growing teenager, Candice has to contend with a client reluctant to let go of her first-born and a crew inadvertently exposed to the chickenpox. Candice’s sunny attitude is further tested when she must relinquish control to a graffiti artist, who refuses to let her in on his artistic vision. Undeterred, Candice concocts a teen dream space, where Calvin can study and hang out with his friends, all against the backdrop of cool original graffiti art.
Apr 17th

Contemporary Cultural Design

Creating a space that evokes a unique and authentic cultural look requires a lot of planning. In this episode, Candice shares the secrets of cultural design to show a family of three lovely South Asian women how to transform their drab family room from dull golfer’s den to a space with an exciting modern Masala vibe.
Apr 17th

Bathroom Lighting Design

Perfect lighting is an essential part of good bathroom design, but one that is most often overlooked. Harsh overhead lights or too few bulbs can make most of us refuse to look in the mirror. In this episode, a tired master bathroom gets an intense lighting makeover and is transformed into a 21st century deluxe spa retreat.
Apr 17th

Big Ideas for Little Kitchens

Even small spaces can be big on style. Candice shares fresh new designer tips on using colour and storage to turn a dark, cramped galley kitchen into a gorgeous, functioning, modern space.
Apr 17th

Design That Flows

Going with the flow might seem like the path of least resistance – that is until you bump up against a room that just does not connect with its neighbour. Follow Candice as she tackles a great room that extends from a previously renovated kitchen. The two rooms now clash and the homeowners do not know where to start. Using design that honours a room’s function and style, Candice successfully establishes effective traffic patterns and shows how one space can flow into another with harmonious results.
Apr 18th

The 3 C’s of Guest Rooms

When approaching a makeover for a guest room there are three things to keep in mind – comfort, convenience and colour. But how do you apply those ideas to a windowless basement room that is currently a catchall for the family’s storage needs? Candice shares her unique tips and techniques for turning a neglected space into a luxurious, welcoming oasis.
Apr 18th

Double Duty Design

What was once a lovely condo dining room is now filled with filing boxes, printer wires and all the paraphernalia of a busy office. Unfortunately, this means that when the day is over, poor Phyllis has no space where she can relax, enjoy a lovely meal or entertain her friends. Applying the principle of double duty design, Candice saves the day by space planning for multi-purpose, multi-functional, everyday ergonomics – in a teeny, tiny space! She creates a beautiful area that serves as a super efficient office by day and then transforms into an inviting, relaxing space by night.
Apr 18th

Design with Rhythm

When the element of rhythm is missing from a room, the result is a space that feels awkward and uninviting. Candice injects a warm, eclectic vibe into a couple’s master bedroom using rhythm basics like colour, shapes and patterns with spectacular results.
Apr 18th

Design with Focus

Without focus, a room lacks presence. Too much focus and it becomes disorienting. When the focus is wrong, that is all you notice. That is exactly the case for a young couple who turn to Candice to help them with their living/dining space. Overwhelmed by a beautiful new staircase, the space lacks focus. Candice dips into her designer tool bag to take this room from blank slate to bold space.
Apr 19th

The Art of Balance

A young couple’s awkward and uncomfortable living room is transformed into a glamorously elegant space when Candice uses basic design principles to restore its sense of balance and symmetry. In the process, Candice shares insider design tips such as how to discover a room’s balance lines and traffic patterns as well as how to arrange furniture so every part of the room feels balanced.