Cash and Cari


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Apr 2nd

Run Studebaker Run

A packed farmhouse poses a major challenge for Cari and the estate sale team. And, from rare toys to a 1925 Studebaker, everything’s got to go. The emotional owner has mixed feelings about liquidating her late father’s collection. But a wheelin’ and dealin’ Cari is determined to reward her with a handsome profit instead. Also in this episode... Cari agrees to pay thousands for the contents of an entire home. But will she uncover enough treasures to justify the monumental cleanup? A rare vintage stove gets banged up on the way to the warehouse. And, back at the shop, a hopeful collector comes in with an Impressionist painting. But is it a real Degas?
Apr 2nd

Money in Music

Lance’s childhood home is like a time capsule from the 1950s, and features his late father’s incredible collection of early electronics. The estate sale gets off to a great start. That is until city officials show up and everything grinds to a halt. With a huge problem on her hands, Cari needs to get creative to save the sale. Also in this episode... Cari tours a country cottage filled with unusual antiques and finds a few showstoppers for her store. A worn abandoned cabinet gets a new lease on life. And, Haas finds a Greek coin that could be 2,500 years old and worth a bundle.
Apr 2nd

Estate Sale Show Down

With no choice but to tackle two very different estate sales simultaneously, Cari comes up with an innovative strategy: She puts Sharon in charge of the man cave sale featuring all the grown-up boys’ toys while, down the street, Paula takes charge of clearing a home full of more feminine treasures. It’s an estate sale showdown, but who will come out on top? Also in this episode... Cari’s dad helps identify a basement full of power tools. A battered old cabinet is saved from the junk pile. Haas struggles with a stubborn bicycle lock. And, after an old lithograph shows up at the shop, the appraiser has some surprising news for its cash-strapped owner.
Apr 2nd

The Reluctant Seller

Hoping to raise some capital for his new business, a long-time collector vows to sell off some of his prized possessions, including a hovercraft, a 1946 Harley and an entire room full of vintage lunchboxes. The team sets up a huge tent on the lawn for the gigantic sale... But can Cari convince the reluctant seller to part with his treasures? And will he be willing to adjust his big-ticket prices to make it happen? Also in this episode... Cari visits a homeowner whose collection is getting too large for her house. And, an old bench gets an impressive makeover.
Apr 2nd

Jammed Packed Treasures

Jam-packed with pristine vintage treasures, a farmhouse promises to draw in the crowds. But will the cold temperatures affect the turnout? There’s a lot at stake for Cari and the family, including finding a buyer for the vintage Pinto and a classic tractor. Can they get both vehicles running? Also in this episode... With her impressive collection of curios, a consignment customer tempts Cari to buy some of her great pieces. And, with a stunning carousel horse for sale, another consignment customer gets some amazing news.
Apr 2nd

Collectors Paradise

Cari and her team dive into a sprawling farmhouse! They unearth scores of rare and cherished items gathered during a lifetime of careful collecting by their 90-year-old owner. The team stages a massive three-day sale, but can they get everything ready in time for the huge turnout? Also in this episode... Cari climbs through a barn full of neglected antiques to discover a battered table, but can it survive an extreme makeover?
Apr 2nd

Waterford Wars

In order to have enough money to live on, Joanne is downsizing and needs to sell everything in her treasure-packed home. After tons of research and lots of organization, the massive three-day sale is ready to go. But Cari's hopes for a great sale are soon in danger of being dashed when Joanne constantly changes her mind about she wants to sell, and makes the situation worse by insisting on some unrealistic prices! It's a tough challenge for Cari and her team as they try to help Joanne reach her ambitious sales goal.
Apr 2nd

The Charitable Sale

Taking on an estate sale for a church, Cari is happy to donate her time and services to help raise money for the community. But the devil is in the details, and a small army of volunteers helps Cari and the team comb through a massive storage room full of forgotten treasures. With everything from a retro Slushi machine to vintage furniture and the pastor’s red Mercedes Benz, the stage is set for an exciting two-day sale. And there’s a lot at stake, especially since the congregation has put their faith in Cari’s ability to make a difference.
Apr 3rd

House of Cupboards

Forty years of antiques has Cari’s team struggling to make big sales.
Apr 3rd

Beating the Clock

Cari’s team scrambles when a seller is desperate to unload her collection immediately.