Cash and Cari


Upcoming episodes

Sep 25th

High End Estate Sale

A huge home full of high-end antiques and collectibles has Cari counting on her biggest payday ever.
Sep 25th

Signs of Trouble

When customers fail to show up, Cari feels the heat and sends her team out to drum up business.
Sep 25th

A Tale of Two Sales

Running a warehouse sale and estate sale on the same weekend has Cari and her team stretched thin.
Sep 25th

A Sale for Susie"

An emotionally charged sale pushes Cari and her team to work extra hard and honour a true collector.
Sep 25th

Collector’s Delight

A sale jam-packed with collectibles forces Cari and her team to get creative and hustle hard.
Sep 25th

Sale At The Mansion

It’s the most glamorous sale of Cari’s career but big-ticket items stand in her way.
Sep 25th

A Taxidermy Turnout

It’s Cari’s biggest sale yet but the sheer number of choice pieces has her scrambling.
Sep 25th

Wild Card Sale

With cold weather, niche items, and a remote location Cari has a wild-card sale on her hands.
Sep 27th

Collectors Paradise

Cari and her team dive into a sprawling farmhouse! They unearth scores of rare and cherished items gathered during a lifetime of careful collecting by their 90-year-old owner. The team stages a massive three-day sale, but can they get everything ready in time for the huge turnout? Also in this episode... Cari climbs through a barn full of neglected antiques to discover a battered table, but can it survive an extreme makeover?
Sep 27th

Waterford Wars

In order to have enough money to live on, Joanne is downsizing and needs to sell everything in her treasure-packed home. After tons of research and lots of organization, the massive three-day sale is ready to go. But Cari's hopes for a great sale are soon in danger of being dashed when Joanne constantly changes her mind about she wants to sell, and makes the situation worse by insisting on some unrealistic prices! It's a tough challenge for Cari and her team as they try to help Joanne reach her ambitious sales goal.