Clean House


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Feb 2nd

Robinson Family, The

Niecy Nash and her team of experts save Mike and Lisa's marriage by re-doing their living room and den, and organizing their dining room.
Feb 3rd

Hansen Family, The

Niecy Nash and her team of experts give these two packrat teachers a lesson on getting rid of clutter. They redo the family room and guest bedroom, and organize the Anthony's office.
Feb 3rd

Barnes Family, The

Niecy Nash and her team of experts break Candice and Tremelle's family tradition of clutter to save their 8-year-old daughter from becoming a packrat like her parents. They redo the living room, turn a spare room into a guest room/office, and organize the little girl's bedroom.
Feb 4th

Shimohara Family, The

Niecy Nash and her team of experts put the Shimohara family to bed by clearing out the clutter and re- doing both the parents' and children's bedrooms and organizing the office for the family business.
Feb 5th

Dragon Family, The

Niecy Nash and her team of experts reconcile this mother and her college-age daughter by dragging out the ugly excess, re-doing the living room, turning the daughter’s bedroom into a space her mother can use while she’s away, and organizing the office area.
Feb 5th

Can'T Say No

Michelle and Patrick Dulong moved from a small apartment into a two-bedroom home and their clutter moved right along with them. They have two small children and their toys and clothes now blanket the place. They also can’t say no to Patrick’s mom who “gifts” them her weekly yard sale finds. They’d like our team to come in and help them re-claim their master bedroom, kid’s room and outdoor patio area. Is this young family ready to let go of their past and welcome a more clutter free future?
Feb 5th

World Of Clutter

Betsy and Warren Schoettlin were married four years ago and are still struggling to merge the personal belongings they both brought to their marriage. During that time Betsy has also started half a dozen home craft businesses that she runs from home. Warren is a pilot and Betsy often accompanies him on overseas trips and comes home with flea market finds she hopes to sell on E-Bay. Their home is a wreck and they want Clean House to help them get their life and marriage back on track. But are they ready for our strong medicine?
Feb 5th

Savely Family

A May-December romance, Kara married Roland and moved into the house he's lived in for over 20 years. Shortly thereafter, they had their son Spencer. Roland had promised to make room for Kara, but
Feb 5th

Beck-Cory Family

Lisa Beck is a mom desperate to break free from the "prison" of clutter she's created in her home, a tiny one-bedroom apartment. She lives here with her 9-year-old daughter, Spencer, her dog, and her boyfriend, Daelen. There is literally nowhere to walk in the home. Waist-high clothing and junk covers every inch of the floors. Lisa claims that this all began when a series of bad relationships made her start collecting things to make herself feel better. She's so embarrassed by the mess that she won't even let repairmen into her home.
Feb 6th


Eileen Markley has been divorced for 12 years but still has her closets crammed with her ex-husbands stuff. Her kids are now teenagers but she turned their dining room into a museum for all their childhood toys. Their kitchen cabinets are crammed with family photo albums and used books. She says she’s very attached to all of her possessions because they have sentimental value. Can the Clean House team help her see the light through all this clutter?