Clean House


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Aug 19th

Conlon Family

The Martin & Conlon home is filled with clutter and dissention; can the Clean House team 12 rescue them from their messy ways and stop their fighting forever?
Aug 21st

Kostiszak/Mcelroy Family, The

Joan began bargain hunting in the 80s after her youngest moved out 17 as a way to fill her empty nest. Her family is furious over the clutter and refer to her as a “junk-a-holic.” Joan
Aug 21st

Lopez-Gamble Family, The

The Gamble house has been infected with the LAZY virus. Can Tempestt 14 and her team of experts find the antidote, so they can give this family a clean bill of health?
Aug 21st

Moore Family, The

A family has lost its team spirit when it comes to cleaning – can the Clean House 13 team coach them to a clean house?
Aug 21st

Bui Family, The

Two daughters have become victims of their parent’s bad habits. Can Tempestt and her 15 clean dream team save them?
Aug 21st

Hirsch Family, The

A woman feels stuck in the past – can the Clean House crew help her live in the 16 now?
Aug 21st

Bautista Family, The

A neat freak mom is at her wits end when her messy daughter moves back home, 18 baby and all. Can Tempestt and the Clean Dream Team come up with a strategy to get these two plus one to cohabitate?
Aug 21st

Saunders Family, The

Niecy Nash and her team of experts rescue a pregnant mother of two toddlers who’s drowning in her packrat husband’s sea of clutter. We re-decorate the master bedroom and the kids’ bedroom and organize their home office.
Aug 21st

Menjivar Family, The

Niecy Nash and her team of experts face off against a world-class hoarder and packrat who is driving her husband and kids crazy with her clutter. We re-decorate two kids' rooms and organize the master bedroom and closet.
Aug 21st

Mcfrazier Family, The

Niecy Nash and her team of experts come to the aid of a motorcycle mama and papa and their two sons whose lives have been stalled by clutter. We re-decorate the master bedroom, transform a back room into a family room, and organize their dining room.