Clean House


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Dec 1st

Stop The Insanity

Mark and Lisa Pearl moved into their current home with their two children less than five years ago but the place looks like they’ve lived in it for over 20 years! Their living room is full of antique furniture, Lisa’s business books and files and piles of their kids’ toys. The kid’s bedroom is also a wreck with clothing, kid’s books and toys dominating the space. Are Lisa and Mark ready to let go of their clutter and see it sold at a yard sale so our experts can decorate and organize their home?
Dec 1st

Dumpster Diving Dad

Niecy Nash and her team of experts take on the cluttered Singleton-Morrison home. They clear out the mess, sell what they can, and use the yard sale proceeds to re-do the kitchen and office, and organize the dining room.
Dec 1st

Diva Disaster

Niecy Nash and her team of experts head to the home of actress Sheryl Lee Ralph. Their mission: clear out and clean up her bedroom, home office and master bathroom.
Dec 1st

Tennessee To California

Niecy Nash and her team of experts tackle the home of a couple who just moved from Tennessee to California and brought all their clutter with them.
Dec 2nd

Hotz Family

Sara & Paige have always been more like friends than mother & daughter. Sara wishes Paige would clean up her room, but Paige thinks her mom is a hypocrite as her room is just as messy. Paige thinks fighting over clutter is stupid and both want to live together harmoniously.
Dec 3rd

Brumana Family

Julie and Paul are too busy working opposite schedules and attending the kid’s extracurricular activities to do the housework. During the day Paul is a personal trainer and at night he is a bartender. Julie spends her days working at a non profit organization. The house was last clean 4 years ago when they’d invite people over for parties. When Paul started bartending at night, the parties stopped and so did the cleaning.
Dec 3rd

Nash & Carlisle Family

Sharon and El constantly bicker over who’s to blame for the clutter. Sharon says El is to blame for his huge clothing collection and El says Sharon is to blame for her need to keep multiples of everything. Sharon grew up in the Bronx and holds onto things out of fear of poverty while El grew up on the south side of Chicago and holds on to items to symbolize how far he’s come. They use bathrooms, closets and rooms to store belongings, calling it their “dirty little secret.”
Dec 3rd

Hererra Family

The clutter started 8 years ago when the Herrera family first moved into the house. They never entirely unpacked and put away their belongings. But over the last 6 years the clutter has spun out of control. Alexis was fed up of no one pitching in to clean, so she stopped cleaning altogether.
Dec 4th

Long Family

Stacy and her mom Dianne bought the house 9 years ago as a primary place for Stacy and a secondary home for Dianne. Dianne lives there for part of the year. The clutter started immediately when Stacy moved from her large apartment to the small house. Although she downsized her living space, her things did not.
Dec 4th

Kahros/Hart Family

Joan began bargain hunting in the 80s after her youngest moved out as a way to fill her empty nest. Her family is furious over the clutter and refer to her as a “junk-a-holic.” Joan refuses to part with her belongings. She claims she is just too busy and the house is in the middle of a “remodel.” Joan’s passion for junk is dividing up her once tight family.