Cruise Ship Killers


Upcoming episodes

May 31st


A millionaire widower and her teenaged daughter take a five‐star cruise together. But at one of the many stops along the way, a grizzly discovery is made when crew membersfind the widower's body crammed into her own suitcase.
Jun 1st


Recently retired newly weds embark on their third tropical cruise in less than year. The happy and fun loving couple are enjoying the adventures and romance of this new chapter when tragedy strikes and they are found dead in their cabin.
Jun 2nd


High school sweethearts, reunited after 30 years, celebrate their birthdays by taking a cruise together. After a night of drinking during an excursion, one of them ends up beaten and strangled to death. Was an alcohol‐soaked scorpion to blame?
Jun 5th


When newlyweds are prevented from disembarking on a daytrip due to suspected passport forgery, their relationship begins to unravel. Bigamy leads to bloodshed. And who will be the victims when a handgun is smuggled on board?
Jun 6th


Two days after her 50th birthday, a professor of social work goes on a birthday cruise with her long time boyfriend. But shortly after the ship leaves port, she tragically falls to her death. The authorities deem the death an accident. But months later the boyfriend is charged with second‐degree murder.
Jun 7th


An ex‐husband and wife decide to rekindle their relationship with a cruise. But, after several days onboard the ship, the ex‐wife is reported missing. Her body is later found floating in the sea. An autopsy shows that she was murdered.
Jun 8th


A mother of two goes missing after the second day of the family's vacation cruise. Following a lengthy investigation, police point their finger at the husband. What really happened?
Jun 9th


After a wild night on a party cruise, a young, beautiful, aspiring actress is found dead, but the circumstances around her death are as mysterious as they are tragic. Could her boyfriend know more than he’s saying?
Jun 12th


A husband and wife break the bank to celebrate their wedding anniversary in style with a once‐in‐a‐lifetime cruise. However, a group of terrorists aboard the ship are forced to seize the vessel after a ship porter discovers their cache of weapons.
Jun 13th


An on again/off again couple go on a week long cruise to try and rebuild their relationship. All is well until the unthinkable happens and one of them goes missing overboard. Was it a terrible accident or was it cold blooded murder?