Decked Out


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Apr 1st

The Deck That’s High

Sarah and James have a really crappy deck. It’s the one that came with their new house. And it’s useless. In this episode Paul and the crew build an unbelievably gorgeous, elevated deck. They battle the rain, the heat, the friendly gnome… and they win. Sarah’s new deck – and her cozy cottage on the deck – is enough to make anyone’s life complete.
Apr 1st

The Deck That’s Huge

How big is too big? Answer: no such thing. In this episode Paul designs and builds a deck for Ken and Kathy that’s bigger than any deck ought to be – 4,500 sq ft of outdoor luxury. Throw in a salt-water pool, one hot tub, two cabanas, three gazebos and a stone grill area… and you’ll never look at your own deck the same way again. Apparently size does matter.
Apr 1st

The Deck That’s Small

Leif and Sarah have a small baby and a small budget – but they’ve got a big yard and big dreams for their oasis in the back. In this episode, Paul’s design skills are put to the test: how to make something that is challenging from a design and construction perspective while at the same time sticking with a tighter-than-normal budget. The end result is a deck that is as impressive as it is accessible. Mission accomplished.
Apr 1st

The White Trim Deck

Steve and Debbie have a nice backyard, but they rarely use it. Paul and the team are about to transform their underutilized space into a magnificent multi-function outdoor den of relaxation. There’s a lounging area, a covered grilling area, a bar area and an enclosed eating area. They might not use their backyard now – but when Paul is done, they’ll rarely want to go inside.
Apr 1st

The Hot Tub Deck

Kendall and Crystal have a beautiful house and a beautiful view from their backyard. Problem is, they have a tiny and impractical deck. It’s so small even their grill won’t fit on it. Paul and the gang are going to rip the old deck out and replace it with an impressive multi-level work of art. And to top it off, they’re installing a sunken hot tub. From useless to utopia.
Apr 1st

The Low Curve Deck

Andrew and Shirley built their dream home. But their plans and their work ended at the backdoor. Enter Paul and the crew who are coming in to completely transform the empty backyard. There will be curves, there will be shade from the sun, there will be a hot tub and even a changing room. Did we mention the sandbox?
Apr 1st

The Deck That’s Narrow

Heather and Luke are nice people, but their backyard kinda sucks. In this episode, Paul is going to achieve one of his greatest transformations – turning a boring bowling alley backyard into multi-area, multi-purpose oasis. There’s a deck, there’s a pergola, there’s a shed. It’s a beautiful transformation that even took Paul by surprise.
Apr 1st

The Grown-up Deck

Kim and Brad just spent a lot of time and money laying down stone in their backyard. They built a nice sitting pad, but they want more. And they want Paul to design and build whatever “more” means. Here’s the catch – Paul has to keep their stone sitting pad and incorporate it into his design. No problem. He can do that. He can add a shed. And he can have a water feature competition with Jeff. No biggie.
Apr 3rd

The Deck with Curves

Jen and Mike have a really cool house and really great backyard. What they don’t have is a nice deck. They want Paul to design and build a new one and they want it to be unique. No problem. Paul and company are building an amazing deck that actually curves. Circles everywhere. Wood that’s bent. It’s a fantastic deck without a single corner.
Apr 3rd


Mike and Marina love entertaining in their beautiful backyard. Unfortunately the deck that came with their house proved that going big isn’t always better. Paul and the crew tear out the old and replace it with a new multi-level deck. With space for lounging, BBQing, a huge eating area, circular fire pit space, a circular hot tub, a cedar lined three-season room and a seamless transition to the yard, the party is about to get started.