Dr. 90210


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Jan 26th

Minor Alterations-Major Changes

A young man from Seattle seeks Dr. Alter's expertise to help him correct a condition that has caused his penis to retract into his scrotum. He hopes to regain his confidence in the bedroom. A recently divorced mother of two sees Dr. Nassif to improve the appearance of her nose and hopefully move past the ridicule she endured from her ex-husband. The Nassifs throw a fundraiser event to raise money for battered women but struggle to pull it off in the nick of time. Dr. Li and her husband, Dr. Fulcher, celebrate the birth of David Maxwell with a bris.
Jan 27th

Singers, Surfers, Soul Mates & Sadness

An aspiring singer sees Dr. Nassif to improve the look and function of her nose but fears that plastic surgery might change the quality of her singing voice. After many years of catching waves, a professional surfer, who's been diagnosed with skin cancer, goes to Dr. Diamond for a mini face lift and removal of suspicious spots on her face and chest. Dr. Diamond and his fiancée, Jessica finally head to Kentucky to tie the knot while the Reys struggle with financial stress.
Jan 28th


A devoted stage mom takes time away from her busy life as manager of her three actor children to see Dr. Li for a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. A 27-year-old virgin homebody sees Drs. Michael and Julian Omidi with a laundry list of procedures, in hopes that getting a full body makeover will help her meet somebody and start having a more active life. We get a glimpse into the lives of the Omidi brothers, from work to women. Hayley Rey decides that she needs to take care of herself and get healthy, while Sydney Rey struggles with becoming more independent.
Jan 29th

Tattoos & Twins

Cholo is a tattoo artist and piercing enthusiast who stretched his earlobe so far it tore in two pieces. Dr. Rey, desperate to pay two mortgages, agrees to fix Cholo's ear. Ileane and Melodye are fifty year-old identical twins who consult Dr. Li for liposuction. A conflict arises when Melodye chooses to get breast implants while she’s at it. Now Ileane must get an augmentation, or else deal with looking different from her sister for the first time in her life. The Li family wishes to expand further, and they see the OB/GYN to clear Dr. Li for baby number two. Lastly, we revisit Dr. Matlock as tours the world to teach his art of designing the perfect vagina
Feb 1st

New Beginnings & New Horizons (Pt3)

In the season finale, a Las Vegas stripper sees Dr. Aiello to trade in her double F implants for a career in nursing, while Dr. Rey heads into uncharted territory by performing a labiaplasty on an employee. A former Marine struggles to forget the emotional trauma of war and sees Dr. Alter for a testicle implant and a new beginning. As the Reys move into their new home, Dr. Rey must face his demons in order to accomplish his ultimate goal of achieving black belt status. In the meantime, Hayley fails to accept Dr. Reys perpetual absence from home.
Feb 2nd

Thanks For The Mammaries

A young surfer girl and a twice divorced mother hit the operating tables for breast augmentation. Meanwhile, the uncanny Dr. Rey has found that bigger success leads to bigger problems, as his new house is too large and his wife, Hayley, is left feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. On the flip side, Dr. Li and Dr. Fulcher are happy as can be with baby Max, while they try to spend every moment with him and maintain their new office and surgery center.
Feb 3rd

Strip The Light Fandango

We strip down to the nasty, as two sexy, exotic strippers look to plastic surgery to further their careers. On the opposite side of wild life, our doctors and wives are faced with issues of balance - Dr. Rey is in his familiar form with dedication to martial arts...and family neglect, while Dr. Diamond wants a Beverly Hills mansion, but his wife Jessica longs for a child.
Feb 4th

Girls Just Want To Get Done

The first new doctor of the season is introduced, Dr. Motykie, a good looking, former Mr. Illinois, operates on a pair on Hooters girls who want breast augmentation. We also mark the return of Dr. Alter, as he operates on a teenage girl, who recently overcame her weight problems, only to suffer from an enlarged pubic mound due to years of obesity. Ever the adventurer, Dr. Rey packs his bags for Venezuela on a grail-like quest to find out why South American women are so beautiful.
Feb 5th


Three patients, three very different surgeries. One, a sassy Mexican American, is going back for her second go-round with Dr. Li to lipo andother 5 liters of fat from her flanks. Next up is our dear Dr. Matlock, ever the perfectionist, making the shift from doctor to patient as he undergoes an upper eyelid lift. Then, a very special Dr. 90210 case, as we meet Scott Stanton, who lost his face in a car accident 18 months ago, and is now under going pro bono surgery to reconstruct his mangled face. The Drs. Diamond finally move into their new house, but nothing works and the place is a mess! Even Jessica is too busy to think about a baby. But will a night babysitting the Li's Max bring her back into baby mode? Will it make Dr. Diamond adjust his anti-baby stance?
Feb 8th

Always Be Repaired, Eh?

Kicking off from the cliffhanger of 404, we finish Scott's surgery, as the good doctors try to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again. Meet Kella, one of Dr. Rey's first patients, a sexy, outgoing, bike riding, kick ass chick. She's going back to Dr. Rey to get her "popped" boob fixed. Hayley sets off on a return to old haunting grounds, as she visits her home town of Montreal. She visits old friends and takes an acting class, which makes her realize she has dreams of her own.