Dr. 90210


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Sep 26th

Reflection Of The Way Life Used To Be

A breast cancer survivor goes to Dr. Motykie; while a not so shrinking Violet goes to Dr. Matlock for a vaginal rejuvenation. Meanwhile, "Peter Brady" turns to Dr. Kirby for a little middle age manscaping.
Sep 28th

Body Meets Soul

A teacher, who helps others self esteem, goes to Dr. Rey to feel better about herself, while a sky diving adult star sees Dr. Motykie about repairing a leaky implant and fixing her "piggy" nose. At home, the tables turn on Hayley as she struggles to decide between her lifelong dream and another baby.
Sep 29th

Slice Of Life

Hayley asks her mother to move in with them, which frustrates Robert. Dr. Rey helps an aspiring actress and Dr. Li helps a young woman get a new body after drastic weight loss.
Sep 30th

Mother Truckers

Dr. Rey's mother-in-law is back and laying down the law. Dr. Kirby and Erin adjust to domestic bliss, while Dr. Kirby helps a mother and daughter become a little more kissable.
Oct 1st

Dancing With The Scars

As the Diamonds’ make preparations for the birth of their first baby, the Reys discover they may be having another one themselves.
Oct 2nd

Lovely Lady Bumps

Dr. Rey looks to help Sydney get a chance to make it in Showbiz, as a little bundle of joy comes to the Diamonds. Dr. Rey also gives a car model a couple of assets.
Oct 3rd

Behind The Mask

Former adult film star Tabitha Stevens goes to Dr. Motykie to reverse all the cosmetic work she has had done. Dr. Li adjusts to being a Step-mom and the Reys head to Tampa.
Oct 3rd


Dr. Rey attempts to mend his relationship with his mother-in-law while helping two sisters get matching breasts. Dr. Alter helps a transgender patient on the final step to becoming a man.
Oct 3rd

Blonde'S Eye View

Dr. Rey helps a helicopter pilot get a little bigger on top. Dr. Diamond helps a woman with an ear issue feel better about herself and learns to balance business with his new family when his son gets a circumcision. At the Reys’, however, happiness is short-lived. Hayley is planning to move, but will Dr. Rey come with her?
Oct 5th

Buttocks Are A Girl'S Best Friend

Dr. Li & Dr. Fulcher celebrate their anniversary while Dr. Li helps a patient rejuvenate her hands. Matlock gives a woman a J. Lo booty, then she lands an engagement ring. Dr. Rey gives a young woman a new set of breasts to compete with her sister’s. Following a serious fight with his wife, Dr. Rey returns to his adoptive parents in Utah for answers.