Flipping Out


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Jan 25th

Pajamas And Other Games

Jeff continues to build his remodel and design business, going the distance for his clients in Encino by attending their pajama party. But while he’s going the distance for some, he continues to clash with others and his newest assistant, Rachel, struggles to keep up with Jeff’s demands. Tensions are high in Team Lewis, and when Jeff accuses Ryan of not sharing clients with him, things get ugly.
Jan 26th

Never Trust A Contractor

Jeff loses trust in the contractors at his Buena Park job and decides to micro manage everything in order to protect his client. In the meantime, he also scores a huge remodeling job with a major Hollywood stylist, but gets more than he bargained for with this new client.
Jan 27th

Bad Mojo

Things seem to be falling apart in the Jeff Lewis household and just as Jeff thinks he has it all under control, one employee commits the ultimate act of betrayal. Hilarity ensues as Jenni tries to help pick up the pieces. With all these bumps in the road, Jeff seeks out a Feng Shui expert to gain some clarity in light of the recent chaos.
Jan 28th

Jenni 911

Jeff scores a big budget client in Bel Air, but tempers flair when there are issues of insufficient funds. Jeff is clearly stressed out and when he falls ill, he accuses Zoila of poisoning him. Stuck in bed, Jeff forces Jenni to take charge and crack the whip at the Buena Park project.
Jan 31st

Friend Or Foe

After discovering some disturbing information, Jeff feels betrayed by Ryan. Stressed out and at the end of his rope, Jeff seeks advice from his Dad on how to handle the situation.
Feb 1st

Irreconcilable Differences

Frustrated with the demands of some high-maintenance clients, Jeff considers cutting ties and ending yet another project. However, his client isn’t the only one he’s considering cutting ties with. After finding out more suspicious details about Ryan, he is forced to confront his long time friend and business partner about his business practices and their relationship.
Feb 2nd

Pledging Allegiance

Jeff is still dealing with drama – he’s upset about the argument with Ryan and continues to face major setbacks with his Buena Park contractor Vlad. Meanwhile, Ryan faces some setback of his own, after committing to put his house on the market and having to make renovations on a very tight budget. With all the drama – both work related and personal – Jeff starts to reevaluate his relationships and finally reveals who his favorite employee is.
Feb 3rd

Spirit Of The Land

Feeling unappreciated and disrespected, Zoila’s emotions run high when Jeff threatens to replace her. Meanwhile, Jeff discovers someone is living outside of Chaz’s studio. Jeff insists on having the person removed, but things come to a tragic end that once again forces Jeff to revaluate his behavior and his relationships.
Feb 4th

Baby Boom

Always crossing that line, Jeff takes on a new client in Toluca Woods, who happens to be a close friend. Jeff also tries to rekindle his friendship with Ryan – but there is a lot to work through and the tension is still high. Jeff decides to attend Chloe’s birthday party at Ryan’s home and being surrounded by family, friend and babies, Jeff wonders if it’s time for him to settle down and start a family of his own.
Feb 7th

Reunion Special

Jeff, Jenni, Ryan, Zoila and the rest of the "Flipping Out" gang reunite to discuss the past season with Andy Cohen. Jeff and Ryan finally come face to face with each other and discuss the serious accusations made about Ryan's business practices. Will the longtime friends be able to move forward or is their friendship really over?