Flipping Out


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Dec 1st

Todo Limpio

Jeff and Gage head to the doctor's office with their surrogate, Alexandra, for the implantation of their embryos. Meanwhile, Jenni is struggling to balance being a working mother, as she is tasked with keeping one of Jeff's newest clients happy while trying to make her first parent-teacher conference. With Jeff and Jenni away, Zoila takes over as House Manager.
Dec 2nd

Ready Set Glow

An anxious Jeff and Gage are finally told that Alexandra is pregnant! However, Jeff hits a roadblock when he struggles to keep his long-standing client and friend Chaz Dean happy. On top of this, he questions whether or not his assistant Ashlyn wants to stay with the company.
Dec 3rd

Scope Of Work

Jeff heads to San Diego to meet a new client with million dollar condos. At the same time, Jenni reveals that she and her husband have decided to try for a second baby. Problems with Jeff's contractor arise when they push to change the way they have done business for 15 years.
Dec 5th

Hot Streak, Lots Of Baggage

Jeff Lewis and his staff: Jenni, Zoila, Sarah, Jett and Trace are back for the fourth season of Bravo's "Flipping Out." With Ryan out of the picture and the drama put behind them, Lewis and his crew are busier than ever. But, focused on growing Jeff Lewis Designs and keeping up with his demanding clients, Jeff wastes no time trimming the fat off his business. Unfortunately for his staff, this might mean them.
Dec 6th

Hard To Break Family

Blood may be thicker than water, but Jeff doesn't spare his sister-in-law / assistant, Sarah any slack. After a year of working with Jeff, Sarah still struggles with daily tasks and Jeff thinks a little tough love would go a long way, so he enlists her in his own Jeff Lewis version of assistant boot camp. Meanwhile, Jenni nearly brings down the roof, literally, at one of Jeff's most important clients.
Dec 6th

Urine Trouble

After dealing with several client issues, Jeff realizes that his real bread and butter lies within his clients' happiness and he suddenly decides to focus on customer service and professionalism - two things that do not come easy to Jeff. With this new agenda in mind, he brings Trace and Sarah with him on a business trip, but before they go, they need to get to the bottom of a very concerning pet issue.
Dec 6th

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Jeff struggles to please his most prominent client, forcing him to make a tough decision. After constant bickering, he and Gage finally find a moment to reconnect when they are able to listen to their child's heartbeat during the first ultrasound. And amidst the chaos and construction, Jenni decides to film a toilet bowl commercial.
Dec 7th

It'S Not Your Fault

Jeff heads to Chicago for a potential partnership with a furniture company. But stress mounts for him and his team when they realize that they have to impress the entire family behind the retailer. Meanwhile, Jenni struggles with fertility issues as Jeff and Gage embrace the excitement of their upcoming baby.
Dec 8th

I Know What You Did Last Saturday

Back from Chicago, an increase in clients has Jeff feeling like his luck has turned around. However, he soon begins to suspect that Gage's assistant Matt might be leaving JLD, a devastating prospect. Later, the pressure of living in a house under construction finally takes its toll and threatens to ruin Jeff's longest-standing relationship.
Dec 9th

Unagi You Didn'T!

Zoila is put on a leave of absence after a series of mistakes that push Jeff to his breaking point. The outburst points him to the only person he knows who can help pick up the pieces - his therapist Dr. Donna. And Jeff admits how fearful he is of the reality that he will have to balance his business with a new baby girl. Can he manage his new life without Zoila?