Flipping Out


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Jun 5th

Pledging Allegiance

Jeff is still dealing with drama – he’s upset about the argument with Ryan and continues to face major setbacks with his Buena Park contractor Vlad. Meanwhile, Ryan faces some setback of his own, after committing to put his house on the market and having to make renovations on a very tight budget. With all the drama – both work related and personal – Jeff starts to reevaluate his relationships and finally reveals who his favorite employee is.
Jun 5th

Spirit Of The Land

Feeling unappreciated and disrespected, Zoila’s emotions run high when Jeff threatens to replace her. Meanwhile, Jeff discovers someone is living outside of Chaz’s studio. Jeff insists on having the person removed, but things come to a tragic end that once again forces Jeff to revaluate his behavior and his relationships.
Jun 5th

Baby Boom

Always crossing that line, Jeff takes on a new client in Toluca Woods, who happens to be a close friend. Jeff also tries to rekindle his friendship with Ryan – but there is a lot to work through and the tension is still high. Jeff decides to attend Chloe’s birthday party at Ryan’s home and being surrounded by family, friend and babies, Jeff wonders if it’s time for him to settle down and start a family of his own.
Jun 10th

Buy Low, Sell High

We’re off and running in the fast-paced, high-stress world of house flipping and what better guide than the brilliant Jeff Lewis. He and his staff set to work on acquiring a new property in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, which he hopes to turn into another of his many renovation masterpieces. But when one of his assistants talks back to him (whether he quits or was fired depends on who you ask), and the new property turns out to require tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs, Jeff must turn to his psychic, his spiritual guide and ultimately his inner circle of Stephen, Jenni, Zoila and Chris to see him through. And when they “stage” his current house to be shown to potential buyers, the true Jeff shines through in all his savvy and maddening glory. But will the house sell, and will he be able to stretch his bank account to finish his next jobs?
Jun 10th


This week, Chris is given a promotion from trash guy to third assistant. But when he’s given the job of taking care of the house while Jeff is away, the cat “Monkey” goes missing and Jeff has to rethink his decision. Meanwhile, Jeff’s house is finally open to the public and everyone hopes for a quick sale. Zoila saves the day by finding Monkey, only for Jeff to send Stephen to the vet to get Monkey her cat acupuncture. At the office, Ryan and Jeff wait to get their hands on their newest project, only the current owner is slow to leave his home. But after some cajoling, and a little help with the owner’s many boxes, Jeff can begin demolition and start work on his next house flip.
Jun 10th

Bet, The

Valley Oak One, still on the market, has not sold and Jeff is running out of money. In order to get some cash, he tries to convince Ryan to sell his house to make ends meet. Ryan refuses until Jeff proposes a bet: whoever sells their house first can move into Nottingham, the multi-million dollar estate that’s undergoing renovation. Meanwhile, because Valley Oak One isn’t selling, Jeff loses faith in his current psychic and hires a new one to bless Las Palmas, another finished home. At Valley Oak 2, there was a miscommunication and the landscapers incorrectly cut down the big tree in the yard, sending both Jeff and Ryan into a fit. But not long after, Ryan sells his house and makes plans to move into Nottingham, making Jeff jealous.
Jun 10th

Art Of Negotiation, The

With funds running low, and work continuing on Nottingham, Jeff and the team desperately need something to sell. Offers begin to come in for Valley Oak One, but they’re under what Jeff was hoping to get for the property. Meanwhile, Jeff treats his dogs to massages, and takes Ryan and the staff out to lunch. On the job site, Jeff negotiates with his workers, trying to get the best deal, while scolding his contractor for showing up two hours late. Jeff and Ryan then head out to Long Beach to visit Jeff’s father, a real estate developer of a different sort. He and Jeff share the same drive and determination, but differ greatly on what they hope to achieve in their work. Back in Los Angeles, things take a turn for the better when an offer for Valley Oak One is close to Jeff’s asking price. They go back and forth, and five thousand dollars is all that separates him from finishing the deal. After negotiating with his agents, Boni and Carrie, the house is sold, and Jeff and Zoila prepare to move to Ben Lomond.
Jun 10th

Inspector, The

As Ryan scrambles to get Nottingham finished before his moving day, news gets back to Jeff that a deal has been made, and Valley Oak One has officially been sold. Meanwhile, an offer has been made on Las Palmas, but the potential buyer's inspector has made a long list of items Jeff needs to address. He stands his ground, disaster is averted, both houses sell, and Ryan and Jeff make their way to Palm Springs to talk with realtors there, and test the market. While Jeff wants to buy property, Ryan doesn't think Palm Springs is stable enough to invest in. When they return, Jeff discovers that Chris has used his computer without permission. Jeff quickly demotes Chris, and continues to give Stephen a hard time about his lunch order. As Ryan prepares to move to Nottingham, Jeff begins to pack for his move to Ben Lomond.
Jun 10th

We Appreciate You!

With only a few days to go before Jeff and Ryan move, last minute arrangements and improvements are made at Nottingham, Vally Oak One, and Ben Lomond. While Jeff continues to fight with Chris about cat pooper scoopers, Ryan tries to keep the team on track so the moves go smoothly. Jeff and Jenni discuss the possibility of making Stephen part time, while the team is invited to a "We Appreciate You" cocktail party on the last night at Valley Oak One. Ryan moves the family to Nottingham, while the psychic blesses the house. Everything goes smoothly, until Ryan discovers a leak in the living room roof. Meanwhile, Jeff decides to make Stephen part time, and Chris finally stands up to Jeff when asked to clean human waste out from under the Ben Lomond house. Finally, the entire team congregates at the empty Valley Oak One house for cocktails and dancing, and things take an emotional turn when Jeff thanks everyone individually for their effort, and their putting up with him. The next day, Jeff moves into Ben Lomond, where a few of his possessions are damaged in the process. And on a drive with Jenni through Los Feliz, Jeff learns of a new property on the market, and starts the process all over again.
Jun 12th

Reunion Special

Jeff, Jenni, Ryan, Zoila and the rest of the "Flipping Out" gang reunite to discuss the past season with Andy Cohen. Jeff and Ryan finally come face to face with each other and discuss the serious accusations made about Ryan's business practices. Will the longtime friends be able to move forward or is their friendship really over?