Flipping Out


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Sep 26th

A Series Of Unfortunate Flips

Life at the Jeff Lewis Design office is constantly in motion. Jeff is now focusing on flipping properties and has fewer clients to answer to. There have been multiple additions to the team, with Jeff relying heavily on his new full-time assistant Tyler. When Jenni returns from maternity leave, Jeff is not exactly sure where she fits in. Despite the added manpower, Valley Vista is still under construction with no completion date in sight.
Sep 27th

Furniture Porn

Gage lands a photo shoot for Jeff with furniture company Alder & Tweed. While the JLD crew scrambles to get everything in place, Jeff's focus is on Valley Vista. Between dealing with a forgetful inspector and his need to micromanage two project managers, Jeff is not endearing himself to his new clients.
Sep 27th

A Very Lewis Christmas

The JLD team heads to New York! It's Monroe's first trip, leaving Jeff and Gage more than a little nervous. To make sure all goes smoothly, Jeff charters a private plane and brings along her nanny and grandparents. Once they land, the team gets down to business in the Big Apple, as they search for real estate in the city for Jeff's client and business partner Julie Grossi.
Sep 27th

It'S Not Me, It'S You

The reputation of Jeff Lewis Design is extremely important to Jeff and when Sarah continues to make careless mistakes, her and Jeff's relationship takes a major hit. In order to stand her ground in front of Jeff, Sarah makes a life-altering decision.
Sep 28th

Never According To Planner

When Jeff's beloved personal day-planner goes missing, Jenni becomes the prime suspect. In order to save her job and her friendship with Jeff, Jenni sets out on a mission to find it. Intern Trace has slowly but surely earned his stripes, but his real chance to shine is when he has to deal with a very difficult client. With the mounting expectations and constant pressure from Jeff, Trace begins to rethink his future.
Sep 29th

Rock, Paper And The Kitchen Sink

Jeff and the gang embark on a cross country trip to celebrate the unveiling of the House Beautiful "Kitchen of the Year" in Rockefeller Center.
Sep 30th

New Kid On The Block

Business is booming for Jeff and his crew at Jeff Lewis Designs. They’ve moved out of Valley Oak and the whole team – Jenni, Zoila, Sarah, Trace, and Jett – are now working out of Jeff’s new rental property. However, they have a new addition to the team, Gage, Jeff’s head of Business Affairs and boyfriend. Gage’s first order of business is to schedule a trip to San Francisco where Jeff will be the keynote speaker for Design Week. This is a big opportunity for Jeff and he is putting a lot of pressure on Sarah and Trace to hold down the fort while he’s away. Gage and Jenni travel with Jeff to make sure things run smoothly, but with this crew – you know something is bound to go wrong.
Oct 1st

Up Call

Sarah continues to have trouble meeting Jeff’s expectations, but when she forgets to bring a floor sample to an important client meeting – it’s just too much for Jeff to handle. His frustration with his employees grows even more when Zoila arrives to work late and Jeff erupts at both Zoila and Sarah. Meanwhile, Jeff takes on a new client, Jeanne, but puts his foot into his mouth when he’s introduced to her husband, Tommy Shaw, and doesn’t realize that he’s the guitarist and singer of the band STYX.
Oct 3rd

All That Glitters

Jeff's project managers clash, only adding to the chaos he was hoping to alleviate. Meanwhile, neighbor Lea Black is back in town and ready to get to work on renovating her kitchen. As if he weren't busy enough, Jeff runs into trouble with another neighbor.
Oct 4th

Edward Vs. Lewis

Jeff and Gage are at it again. Not only are they competing over who does what around the house, but whose flip is moving along fastest. Meanwhile, new troubles pop up at Valley Vista and Old Hollywood. Not to mention, team JLD has been rehired by Calabasas clients Liat and Trevor. Will the competition between Jeff and Gage break them or make them work harder?