Hotel Paranormal


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Mar 31st

Touched By Trauma

A paranormal investigator explores an ancient inn’s haunted past marked by witch trials, torture and things far more sinister; a couple is forced to relive a hotel’s shocking century-old nightmare; a Yuletide getaway turns to terror with the visit of a ghost scarred by traumatic events.
Apr 1st

Soul Hunters

A couple’s lifelong dream of opening a B&B is put on hold while an evil entity takes possession of their young daughter, before terrorizing the rest of the family; a British couple’s American holiday turns to living nightmare when hotel spirits seek to steal their souls in the most excruciating way.
Apr 1st

Ghost Prey

A paranormal author, seeking the ghosts of the owners of a haunted Inn who died by suicide, becomes their prey; a mother-daughter ghost hunting team checks into a hotel where they themselves become the target of terrifying entities; a correctional officer out for a fun weekend at a haunted B&B comes under attack by an invisible force.
Apr 2nd

Haunted By Many

A cocktail waitress sees glasses shattering, patrons levitating, then survives a demonic attack in the hotel washroom; a brewer who renovates a former brothel into a B&B, fights off numerous malicious spirts including a succubus – these hotel workers are haunted by many.
Apr 2nd

Confined Spirits

A wife is terrified while her husband sleeps, an overnight clerk chases numerous apparitions and a late-shift security guard is accosted in a haunted bathroom – these hotel guests are attacked by spirts that come at night.
Apr 2nd

The Witching Hour

A man awakes from a dream to discover that ghosts are controlling his every move, a couple are shaken awake but a violent spirit shaking their mattress and a woman is awoken in a motel by a terrifying spirit – these guest experience waking nightmares.
Apr 2nd

Dark Secrets

A hotel owner experiences inexplicable activity, then fights to save an entity from the dark forces in her hotel and a woman longing for luxury in a four-star spa is confronted by a spirit holding her baby – these guests enact paranormal rescues.
Apr 2nd

Evil Residents

A security guard is terrorized by the spirit of man murdered in the hotel, a woman receives scratches on her neck after an attack from an evil spirit and a ten-year-old girl is accosted by a deceased former guest – these guests face evil residents.
Apr 7th

Fresh Blood

A newly hired hotel manager berates his staff for their paranormal beliefs, only to become fresh blood for its hungry spirits; after a winery opens its new Inn, the CEO becomes the target of poltergeist attacks inside while the new innkeeper is terrorized by an evil lurking in the abandoned mortuary next door.
Apr 8th

Multiple Ghost Disorder

A couple checks into a boutique hotel packed with violent ghosts pleading from beyond the grave; college students at a paranormal convention fall victim to a hotel brimming with real and terrifying ghosts; in a hotel built on a civil-war battlefield, a woman is sucked into a paranormal tornado by angry ghosts.