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Oct 18th


Mark and Holly Junak have wanted to live on a floating home all their life. When a mooring became free in Chichester Marina, UK, they decided to take the plunge and build a floating home from scratch. They hire award winning architect Richard Coutts to come up with a sleek modern single storey design with a roof terrace and floor to ceiling windows. It's down to float home builder Jeremy Ireland-Wheeler to build it. He is a veteran of over 40 float home builds.  The floating concrete base that the house will sit on is made in The Netherlands. The Dutch team must pour tons of concrete around a reinforced steel mesh to form a huge hollow box, weighing in at 40 tons! It is then loaded onto a special truck and driven to the ferry port in the nick of time, where it takes the short sea crossing to the UK. Once in Chichester Marina, the team must lower it using a heavy duty crane, into the water in a tense operation. Not knowing whether it will float evenly, they release the cables and it sits perfectly in the water. Now builder Jeremy constructs a 26 ton house at his workshop 45 miles away. Using insulated pre-cut wooden panels, he must assemble the pieces like a giant jigsaw puzzle! He builds special hatches to allow weights to be added to balance the house when it's on the water. As he cannot exceed a certain height, he builds the roof deck into a cleverly designed recess, allowing for the perfect party deck. Up against the clock, he finishes the house with stylish cedar panels to protect it. Then it's wrapped in 2500 sq feet of plastic, like a giant Christmas present! It’s now ready to be lifted onto a truck for its journey to the marina. The problem is, it barely fits out of the workshop door! After a mighty struggle, they get it out and it causes traffic mayhem on the narrow streets leading to the highway. On arrival at the marina, it is lowered onto the waiting floating base but one end overhangs too far. After some heart stopping adjustments they finally get it in place. Mark and Holly can now move in and 3 weeks later we see their minimalist, ultra modern, floating home, overlooking the lily-pads and the swans. The perfect relaxing retreat. 
Oct 18th


Harry Janzen and Tina McComb are nature lovers living on Canada's Vancouver Island. They enjoy the outdoors, enjoying spotting wildlife such as deer, eagles and even killer whales. They want to move onto the water full time and find the perfect mooring at Maple Bay Marina on the island’s east coast. Builder David Messier will design them a massive 3 storey wilderness retreat with a second floor glass wall leading onto a patio deck, while above it he designs a huge roof terrace the size of the footprint, all capped off with a 14 ft barrel roof. The only problem is that they will need a special 2 ton steel frame to support the glass walls and roof deck. Risking the balance of the house, David starts construction on 2 massive floating foundation pads, bolted together in the water.  The wooden frame of the house makes up for the weight of the frame and the house is eventually balanced out. Now David must construct the decks and the barrel roof. Hoisting porthole windows 20 feet into the air to fit into the vaulted ceiling is a tense moment. Now he must fit the glass doors that will open onto the decks. Custom-made in the US, one slip now will set them back weeks while they wait for another to be made. They carefully get the doors installed after struggling up the narrow stairs. With the house nearing completion, Dave and his team move it out into the tidal channel for its crossing to the mooring site. The wind immediately grabs hold of it, pushing it straight into another house. Two motor boat get it under control in the nick of time. Now they must beat the ebbing tide before the house grounds itself on the seabed. Finally, they win the battle against the elements and tie the new home into its mooring overlooking the bay. With the house in place Harry and Tina start to test the layout of their furniture and see for the first time, their stunning wilderness views.
Oct 19th

Floating Piano Boat

Classical pianists Masa Tayama and Rhiana Henderson dream of combining their two passions, music and canal cruising. So, they’re risking Masa’s life savings to commission a one-of-a-kind aquatic home that serves as both a floating concert hall and hotel.
Oct 20th

First Time Floating Home

During his electrical engineering student days, 21-year-old Harry Smith dropped anchor in Birmingham, splashing out £4,500 on a 1970’s canal boat as a first-time home. Now, the budding entrepreneur has £1,000 to modernize his modest vessel.
Oct 21st

Tiny Floating Home

Trish Urquhart and Richard Beynon have fallen in love with the UK’s waterways through many years of holidaying in their narrowboat, ‘Patience.’ This episode follows their radical decision to sell their massive house in South Africa and build a bespoke floating home on the River Great Ouse in Bedfordshire.
Oct 22nd

Historic Cargo Ship Home

Aart Simons and Nanouk Kropman met through a shared love of sailing! To fulfill their dream of living on water, they've bought a disused 1950’s Dutch Cargo Ship. Their journey to transforming this 65-year-old hunk of metal will be a logistical, financial, and emotional rollercoaster ride. 
Oct 25th

Monster Floating Home

In Amsterdam, Jeroen and Lianne Gels are stepping onto the property ladder in a big way. In just seven months, with a baby on the way and a budget of £135,000 they plan to turn a titanic 254-ton industrial cement carrier into their dream waterborne home.
Oct 26th

Luxury Narrow Boat

After surviving a heart attack 15 years ago, newly retired 55-year-old boating enthusiast Colin Stewart is embarking on a bold life adventure. He's planning to spend half the year cruising Britain's waterways on a high spec narrow boat named 'Tickin Along.'
Oct 27th

Floating Village Home

For 35 years, Dutch fisherman Jan De Boer has spent his working weeks at sea, with weekends in his large family home where he and wife Geja have raised their six children. Now ready for a new adventure, they’re embracing waterborne living by building a custom designed home that will be part of a pioneering floating village.
Oct 28th

Luxury Floating Home

After celebrating 30 years of marriage, Kurt and Roberta Fraese are ready for a new adventure. They've sold their Seattle home and are sinking over half a million pounds into an enormous, uber modern waterborne home on the east coast of Vancouver Island.