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Apr 7th

Heather & Colby

Tired of living in a seriously cramped one-bedroom apartment, university students and best friends, Colby and Heather, are desperate for more space. Can Jodi help find them a sophisticated launching pad for their new, grown-up lives?
Apr 7th

Linda & Rashida

Tired of their cramped student digs, and with their studies nearly behind them, sisters Linda and Rashida are pooling their resources to find a spacious downtown apartment at a price they can afford. Can Jodi find them a sumptuous pad with a budget price tag?
Apr 7th

Lyndsay & Ryan

With their promising new careers, and after a year and a half of dating, Lindsay and Ryan are taking their relationship to the next level. Can Jodi help find them a sky-high, waterfront home for them and their adorable new puppy, Yogi?
Apr 7th

Jenna and Dean

Jenna and Dean have been sharing cramped quarters for a year, but now that they’re expecting a baby, the couple is looking for a home that’s fit for a growing family. Can Jodi find them a luxurious two-bedroom apartment on a tight budget?
Apr 7th


With her maternity leave coming to an end, single mother Jeanine is looking to move closer to her support network and is hoping to find a spacious, wheelchair accessible two-bedroom in one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. Can Jodi find her the perfect urban family pad?
Apr 7th


A PhD psychology student who’s new to the big city, Kim is desperate to find a spacious pad of her own where she can study in peace and entertain in style. Can Jodi adjust her expectations to fit the rental market reality? And can she help Kim negotiate a deal that fits her budget?
Apr 7th


Tired of couch surfing, busy banker and newly single father of three, Kevin, is looking for a three-bedroom space close to his children’s home and within walking distance to their school. Can Jodi find him a roomy new rental in the owner-dominated neighborhood?
Apr 7th


With her new drama degree in hand, small town rental virgin Jessica is hoping to make it as an actress in the big city. But beyond a job and an agent, she first needs to find a safe urban pad she can call home. Can Jodi help her get started?
Apr 7th

Nadine & Natalie

Fashion designers and best friends Nadine and Natalie are looking for a swank two-bedroom apartment where they can cut their expenses, focus on their new business, and entertain their friends. Can Jodi find them a glam live-work space on a tight budget?
Apr 7th

Kelly & Sarah

Kelly and Sarah both loved living on their own, but since Kelly’s new landlord is taking over her apartment, the two friends have decided to pool their resources and find a charming inner-city oasis they can share. Can Jodi find them a space with lots of character and a patio?