For Rent


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Jun 2nd


A feisty Latin radio host and self-proclaimed diva, Jocelyn is tired of living out of boxes and is looking for a glamorous modern love shack where she can settle down with her fiancé.
Jun 2nd


Since her big sister is leaving town, indecisive Leah is about to be on her own for the very first time. With her freshly-minted Masters degree in hand, she just landed a great job and now she’s got just one month to find an apartment to match.
Jun 2nd


After volunteering in a remote African village where she lived in a bamboo hut by the ocean, free-spirited Sarah is back in the big city to start her new life. She’s hoping to settle in a friendly community where she can put down roots.
Jun 2nd

Adam & Melissa

A schedule and checklist-loving couple who don’t like surprises, Adam and Melissa thought they’d found the perfect apartment. That is, until they moved in and discovered a long list of maintenance issues, including leaks, electrical issues, and ants. Now they’re desperate to move again.
Jun 2nd

Sheena & Adam

After managing a long-distance relationship, Sheena and Adam are finally in the same city and are looking for the perfect place to call home. They want to live in style but they’ve recently discovered they also want very different things in an apartment.
Jun 2nd


Tired of her four-hour daily commute, a young woman searches for the perfect urban party pad.
Jun 2nd

Tanya & Tino

Ready to leave their sleepy hometown behind, two single professionals search for a big city home.
Jun 2nd

Shannon & Erin

Ready for permanent grown-up digs, two post-grads search for a geek-chic retreat in the city.
Jun 2nd


Ready to ditch her roommates, an ambitious young entrepreneur looks for the perfect live-work space.
Jun 2nd

Bill & Melissa

With their baby living in the kitchen, a busy couple searches for a spacious family-friendly home.