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May 27th

Lawson, Missouri

Robby Stark is a sweet guy, but his house...lets just say it's not so sweet and definitely in no condition to sell. We're not sure if it's the carpet from the 80's or the dear heads that are scaring away potential buyers, then again it could be the faux brick wall, or maybe the grape wall paper in the kitchen. Designer Roger Hazard's plan has us all shocked. He found ways to make the carpets work, the faux brick sexy, and the kicker....the dear heads are staying!? Turns out, staging is all about camouflaging and making what you have work to your advantage. It's a lesson in country chic you won't want to miss. Tanya Memme hosts.
May 27th

Culver City, CA

Jerry and Deena March's bungalow is one of the smallest houses in their neighborhood and the March family has definitely outgrown it! They've been trying to sell it for the last several months but nobody's interested. It's easy to understand why when you walk into their house... every inch of the place is cluttered and the master bedroom is very small. See how Design Expert Roger Hazard plans to make this entire place look seamless and bigger by incorporating just two colors--blue and white. Then meet Roger's newest, smallest design assistant who will add her own touches of crafty charm. Tanya Memme hosts.
May 27th

Santa Monica, CA

You know the old saying, "Those who can't do...teach." Well, that's exactly what brought us to Santa Monica, California. Tanya Memme is about to tie the knot, and there's just one problem on the road to marital bliss....she can't sell her house. So after six years of telling other people what to do, we're turning the tables and focusing on Miss Memme. We can't believe after 155 episodes her house looks like this! But, as usual, designer Roger Hazard, knows just what to do. Don't miss your chance to meet Tanya's family, friends, and fiancé.
May 27th

Austin, TX

Linda has been living in her house for nearly twenty years and has seen the neighborhood go from quaint college student housing to prime real estate due to its perfect location between a beautiful park and the university. Her colorful house needs some serious updating to attract the type of home buyer the neighborhood now draws. Designer Roger Hazard has a plan to do just that. The myriad colors in the house make the rooms seem disjointed and small, so Roger chooses a bold color to unify the main living areas and really open up the house.
May 29th

Round Rock, TX

Scott and Heather are desperate to sell their house. Scott has accepted a job in another state and as a result, he and his young family are living separate lives. So why isn't their house selling, when every other listing in their neighborhood seems to be flying off the market? We're guessing it probably has something to do with the Pepto-Bismol inspired cave they call a guest bedroom, and the canary yellow living room....but only our hidden camera open house will tell for sure. Designer Roger Hazard has a plan to tone down the negative color perception, and play up the appeal to the young contemporary families who are looking to buy in this neighborhood. But, how does adding fire engine red, grape, and Granny Smith Green, to canary yellow and Pepto pink help sell a house?
May 29th

Keaau, HI

John and Davelyn have a spacious house in Keaau, Hawaii, but it isn't big enough for their four growing boys. Unfortunately, prospective buyers can't see past Davelyn's extreme country decorations. Signs, barrels, crates and even a couple bear skin rugs have potential buyers thinking Green Acres instead of Blue Hawaii. Designer Roger Hazard knows just what to do. He clears out the country and shows off the spacious rooms and amazing views with a subtle paint scheme derived from the carpet in the living room.
May 29th

Captain Cook, HI

Scott and Debbie live on their own five acre paradise surrounded by spectacular ocean views and Hawaiian landscapes. The trouble is stepping into their house transports buyers out of paradise and directly to the land of fixer uppers. We're talking exposed closets, dingy décor, and a guest house that looks more like a summer camp bunk than an island home. It's a good thing Roger Hazard has an eye for potential! He's transforming this wayfaring shack into a tropical island retreat to rival any of the island's hotels...and all it took was a few gallons of white paint, some tropical fabric and flowers. Tanya Memme hosts.
May 29th

Kirkland, WA

Purple and pastels reign in Leslie's house. From the lavender walls to the pink fireplace to the 90's Miami Vice-like décor, it's easy to see why no one has snatched up this home yet! The unique open floor plan is great but what's not so great are the mismatched designs throughout the house... you've got stark and cold on one side and cottage-like and cluttered on the other side. It's time for Design Expert Roger Hazard to bring this house into the new millennium with a contemporary shabby chic makeover. See how a non-traditional and eclectic design scheme will make this house stand out from the competition.
May 29th

Gretna, LA

Mike, Michelle, and their two growing boys are ready to upgrade to a larger home. The problem is, their current place isn't getting any attention from potential buyers. The most common word used to describe the place? Dull. Roger Hazard has a plan to make this house sophisticated and up to date using the colors brown and black. He paints and stains some old furniture to give it a contemporary look. And he even has the Leonard's five year-old son paint some original artwork to display. For good measure host Tanya Memme buries St. Joseph--the Patron Saint of Real Estate--in the front yard!
May 29th

New Orleans, LA

Yvonne and her growing family are ready to move to a bigger place, but their house isn't getting any love from potential buyers who find the lack of color drab and dreary. Also, a lot of toys and big furniture make the living room feel much smaller than it really is and the narrow dining room is a total hodge-podge with exercise equipment, table and microwave all in one space. The master bedroom is so dull no one remembers it as soon as they leave the room. Roger's plan is to bring tons of warmth and color to the house with some rich paints.