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May 27th

230 SqFt Travel Well House

Allen and Alexa are newlyweds looking to expand their online travel wellness magazine by going tiny. They're looking for a space that combines their love for fitness and travel while still having all the creature comforts of home and then some. They want to hit the road full-time so they can explore the country sharing experiences through their work and have asked John and Zack to help fit it all in one tiny space.
May 30th

380 Sq Ft Derby House

Scott and Marianne both grew up in horse racing towns and have a deep appreciation for the culture that comes with the sport. They've ask John and Zack to help create a house that will embody the rustic charm they love and include some high-end gadgets to make tiny living feel that much more grand. It's off to the races for John and Zack to keep this build on track!
May 31st

310 SqFt Pennys Tiny Playhouse

Tim and Amber are looking to build a tiny house completely designed to allow their daughter Penny's imagination to run wild. They want a space that is both functional and safe for their bright toddler, but also gives her room to have friends over and be entertained for hours. John and Zack are stumped when they're asked to incorporate a sentimental element from their current house.
Jun 1st

200 Sq Ft Family-Friendly House

Adam and Gabrielle want a tiny house that they can raise their growing family in. They're hoping for a space that's not kid-proofed, but instead kid-purposed. With Gabrielle reaching the end of her pregnancy of their second child, the challenge for John and Zack will be coming up with a space that works for everybody before the newest member of the family arrives!
Jun 2nd

240 Sq Ft Tiny Ski Lodge

Chris and Tamara absolutely love skiing and snowboarding and are hoping for a modern ski lodge that will let them hit the mountains right from their front door. They've asked John and Zack to help build them a functional space to not only store all their gear, but also maintain it. Thankfully they've got the best guy on the job, but will John be able to manage Zack's big plans for this tiny build.
Jun 3rd

460 SqFt Long Journey To Tiny

Brock and Nicole may have hit a couple bumps on their road to going tiny, but they're finally ready to make the move! They may be building on our longest trailer yet, but they're still concerned that they won't have enough storage to fit their 4-season needs. Brock is helping with the build and he's asked John and Zack to share their expertise in tiny, and figure out how to create enough clothing storage for their family of four, and two loft spaces that will keep the kids excited about their new tiny home!
Jun 6th

325 SqFt Expandable Tiny Cottage

Jay and Jodi built their dream house but soon realized they were spending all their time working to maintain it. Jodi has decided to make a huge leap, and she plans on leaving her job as a pharmacist to be a full-time mom. Their biggest concern is going to be creating a space that is still comfortable for the whole family, while keeping in mind they have a soon-to-be teenage daughter Grace, who would appreciate just a tiny bit of privacy from her younger sisters. John and Zack's biggest challenge will be creating space that brings this family of five closer together.
Jun 7th

280 SqFt Bohemian Tree House

Rob and Yvonne may be young but they have some evolved plans for their future and it all starts with going tiny! They've asked John and Zack to help build them a tree house inspired space that resembles their youthful personalities and love for nature mixed with some modern touches and some serious functionality to make this one of our most unique builds yet!
Jun 8th

Big Family, Tiny Challenge

This one-hour special episode gives families who have always dreamed of ditching their big house and excess "stuff" the chance to try tiny living for two weeks. The episode will focus on one particular family as they take the plunge moving into a tiny house as they try to survive living their "normal" lives in less than 500 sq. feet.
Jun 9th

398 Sq Ft Stargazers Tiny Dome

Sam and Ken just got married and are looking forward to building their first home together. They both want to be mindful of their footprint, and believe going tiny is the way of the future! They've asked John and Zack to come build them a home that's out of this world, but will their requests to shoot for the moon fall flat, or will John and Zack figure out a way to grab at the stars on this one-of-a-kind build?